Indian bread or roti or chapati is flat bread which is made in most of the homes in India. Everyone uses different types of method to make chapati or roti. Some people will make phulka, others make layered chapati and use oil for spreading the dough, others use flour for spreading, etc., But all the chapati or roti recipes are made by using the basic ingredients wheat flour, water, and salt.

Even though many people makes chapati, still some people searches for soft chapati recipe. By following the given recipe, you will get the best result. Check out some of the other Indian recipes.

Soft Chapati Recipe

Ingredients Needed

  • Wheat Flour – 500 grams
  • Milk – 50 ml
  • Sugar – 1 teaspoon
  • Salt – 1 teaspoon
  • Oil

Method of Preparation

In a wide bowl add wheat flour, then add sugar and mix well using the hand (hand’s warm will melt the sugar).


Then add milk, salt to it. If you want, you can also add a little oil. Mix it well so that the milk and salt spread well at every part of the flour.


Now sprinkle some warm water in small quantity (as per the need), to make a non-sticky soft dough. Warm water will help in making the dough soft.


Knead the dough very well for about 10 minutes. This step is important to get a soft chapati at the end. If you find difficult to knead for 10 minutes, then if possible means you can beat the dough on a hard surface too. This will lead the dough to a soft consistency.


Apply some oil on the surface of the dough, cover it and rest it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes when you check, the dough will be very soft. Divide the entire dough into lime sized balls and keep it in the bowl.


Now place an iron or non-stick pan in medium flame and let it become hot. By the side, take one dough ball and dust it with flour. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a thin round chapati.


Once the pan heats up, put the chapati on the pan. Let it cook one side for 15 seconds and when bubbles appear on the top of the chapati, flip it immediately. You are not needed to add oil while it is cooking. Otherwise, the fluffiness of the chapati’s will get spoil.


Cook another side for another 30 seconds. Gently press it using a ladle to make the corners cook well. You can also use a cloth to press the top of the chapati.


Once both side cooks, brush some oil or ghee on the top and remove it from pan.


Soft chapatis are ready to serve with your favorite side dish. You can have chapatis with chicken curry.



  • Store the chapatis in a hot pack by spreading a towel inside the hot pack to avoid moisture.
  • Don’t add too much water and less water while kneading the dough.
  • Slowly add the water and gently mix the flour with your hand. Once the whole flour gets a little moisture stop adding water and knead it well.
  • If you add an excess of water, then adjust it using extra flour.
  • If you add less water, then the chapatis will get hard while cooking.
  •  You can also knead the dough using oil and make a triangle shaped layer chapatis.
  • You can even try phulka chapatis using this method.